As of tomorrow, I will be researching for my thesis in Poland, Ukraine, France, and the Czech Republic. (For a description of the project and its aims you can visit my kickstarter page here.) Although I would very much like to believe that I am the kind of person who can juggle travel, immersion language classes, research, and a blog, I know all that is probably not in the cards. I will be back mid-August and hope to be posting soon thereafter.

On another note, my airplane reading will be what looks to be a wonderful addition to an emerging body of critical “posthumanist” work entitled Animal, Mineral, Vegetable: Ethics and Objects. Edited by JJ Cohen and with articles penned by the likes of Cohen himself, Jane Bennett, and Eileen Joy, it proves to be an enlightening and challenging collection of texts. Many of the authors are contributors to the quintessential post-medieval blog In The Middle, which does much to boost their forward-thinking reputation. And because the book is put out by Punctum Press, which I am told is a rather cutting-edge publisher, you can download an Ebook free here. But once you’ve gotten a taste for these fabulous authors, please consider buying a print copy to support the cause.

If you would like to contribute to this blog in my absence (as well as potentially thereafter) please do not hesitate to contact us.