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This popped up on the ASLE listserv this morning. It is always nice to see such interdiscplinarity at environmentally-focused conferences and even nicer to see a focus on urban spaces, which are too often left out of environmental discourse. See below for more information.

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Panel Proposal: “Environmental Phenomena and the Urban Caribbean: The Social Impact of Development and Disaster”

ASA Annual Meeting / San Juan, Puerto Rico

November 15-18, 2012

 We are currently soliciting paper proposals and a chairperson for a panel tentatively titled “Environmental Phenomena and the Urban Caribbean: The Social Impact of Development and Disaster” for the 2012 ASA Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico (Nov. 15-18). This panel seeks to examine the impact of environmental change—both “natural” and human-directed—on local and/or visitor populations in the urban Caribbean. How, for example, are Caribbean cities reconfiguring themselves to promote tourism, and what effects does this development have on urban ecology and/or environmental justice? What is the relationship between urban poverty and environmental disaster in the wake of increasingly frequent (and devastating) hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, landslides, and water contamination? How do histories of colonial development shape present configurations—or future imaginings—of urban space in this region? We encourage proposals from any discipline, including environmental studies, urban ecology, history, geology, sociology, urban planning, politics, cultural geography, literature, music, and art.

Paper proposals might focus on such topics as: natural phenomena and urban disaster; sustainable development and tourism; urban climate; urbanization and hydrology; environmental education; urban ecological parks; community-based environmental initiatives; literary/cultural/folkloric representations of urban development and/or disaster; historical patterns of colonial development and/or urban planning; race, nature, and the urban cityscape; urban pollution; politics and preservation; connections between urban and rural/plantation landscapes; gender and ecology; urban futures.

For paper proposals please send 1-page abstracts and a c.v. to bgleason@princeton.edu by Friday, January 13, 2012. Potential chairpersons please send c.v. only.